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Saturday, 02 April 2011 19:04
LIU International Shaolin Institute Challenges the Community to “Buddy Up for a Better Body”
Fitness Buddy Contest for Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds

The contest is aimed at weight loss and getting in shape. This unique contest is designed to
introduce to Americans “A Taste of Shaolin” way to lose weight and gain great fitness. Bring all
your friends and family members.

The message for this health campaign is: “I Challenge You!”

Here is your opportunity!! Three months of Cardio Kickboxing, Meditation and Nutrition
Planning and Consultation for FREE!! Pair up with a friend, spouse or even your son or
daughter and challenge yourself to a healthy mind and body for 2011.

Get healthy, lose weight, de-stress and have fun while doing it!!! As if achieving the benefits
of a healthier mind and body aren’t enough – the Winner of the “Buddy Up for a Better Body”
contest will also receive $200 and more in cash!!

Winner will be awarded $200 in cash, plus $900.00 Shaolin Scholarship & a Champion

Contestants Training Period:

Training will take place from April 15th to June July 15th (can extend up to July 30th for any late starters)
A conference will be hosted in Mid August to announce the winner. A certificate will be issued to all
participants who complete the program.

Entry Fee:
Contestant’s entry registration fee is $99. A portion of the proceeds goes to St. Jude Children’s
Hospital & another portion goes to Shaolin scholarship funds. All 3 months training and health service
programs will be free to all participants.

Programs Includes:
1. Kick-boxing
2. Meditation
3. Personal Nutrition Plan and Consultation
4. Body composition analysis
5. Fat weight vs. lean body weight analysis
6. Blood pressure and heart rate monitoring
7. Two 30 minute sessions/week

Rules and Regulations:

Winner will be the one who loses the most weight in 90 days through perseverance, self-control and
discipline. The winner must complete the 90-day minimum duration of the program.
All contestants will be evaluated and measured at the beginning of the training and at the end of
the three months period. Measurements will include, but not limited to, body fat & lean body mass
analysis such as body fat loss vs lean body mass, blood pressure & heart rate monitoring and other key

From the headline: America's problem with bulging waistlines has reached pandemic proportions
according to federal health officials, who warn that obesity is becoming society's No. 1 killer. 2/3 of all
Americans are over-weight.

Being fat makes one a top contender for type II diabetes, and doubles one’s risk of developing kidney
stones. Being fat may also lead one to a heart attack, or stroke, maybe even a replacement of knee or

The number one reason for people to have hard time to lose weight is "don't exercise enough." This
reason was followed by "snacking too much," "eating too many high-fat foods," "too often binge on favorite
foods," "overeating at meal-times," and "eating for emotional reasons.”

Almost two-thirds of American adults get inadequate exercise, Calorie Control Council said. Regular
exercise is the way to winning the weight war, and it doesn't have to be exhausting! The most recent
government data indicate that Americans still get, on average, 34 percent of their daily calories from
fat. Can we reduce our fat intake to less than 30% or less than 20% like the healthy Orientals? Can we
persevere with exercise? Can we tackle the emotional eating problem?

Shaolin Institute is launching a campaign fighting this pandemic battle as part of the institute community
service. You can find the Way to solve this pandemic health issues at the Shaolin Institute. For more
information, call 770-286-9808: