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Master Shawn Liu Xiang Yang De Ru, M.S., OMD

President and Head Master, The Liu Institute InternationalFounder, US Sanshou Kung Fu Federation & The Art of War Professional Sanshou Circuit.

Master Shawn Liu Xiang Yang (or Master De Ru) is a 31st generation grand master of the Shaolin Temple and direct disciple of the Shaolin Temple Abbot, Great Master Su Xi. The founder and head master of the Liu Institute International Health & Wellness Center and The Art Of War Professional Sanshou Circuit, Master Liu is also known as the "Shaolin Iron Leg" or De Ru ("Go with the flow").

Master Liu started his training and education in China at the Shaolin Temple in Shaolin martial arts, traditional medicine, and Qigong when he was a child. In the late 70's, Master Liu entered the Traditional Chinese Medical School of Wuhu, Anhui. After graduation, he served in both traditional Chinese hospitals and Chinese-Western rehabilitation hospitals as an acupuncture/acupressure and Qigong physician.

As a Martial Artist and Fighter, Master Liu, with a 30-years undefeated career, has fought numerous professional fights in Chinese traditional bare-hand fighting, Muay Thai Boxing and modern Sanshou. He is one of the few undefeated professionals out of China and has coached martial arts teams in both China and the U. S. - producing many outstanding martial artists and Sanshou fighting National and World class champions. Also known as a Yang and Chen stylist, Master Liu intensively studied Chen Taiji from Gu Liuxing. He is one of the few high level students of the late Grand Master Fu Zhorgwen of the fourth generation Yang family Taijiquan.

Master Liu dedicates his life to teaching the traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Shaolin) and ancient medicines. His Professional Sanshou Circuit serves to promote spiritual competitions that develop friendships and mind & body fitness. His tournaments attract the best fighters from all over the globe and offer competitors the opportunity to test their skills, determination and to examine their deep, personal commitment to excellence.